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Industrial furnace with chains for springs hot setting

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

Industrial furnace with chains for springs hot setting

Agibi Progetti is specialized in design and manufacture of furnaces for hot setting on base. 

The FNV-B+PC furnaces have a springs handling unit made up of stainless steel chains with connection crossbars and ad-hoc interchangeable spring-holder supports (the number of springs for each crossbar is programmable according to customer’s needs).

The multilayer tunnel insulation ensures better energy efficiency.

There are two types of hot setting stations available: 

Standard station (PC-1A): a press with two stanchions and a single electromechanical actuator, for the simultaneous compression of all springs.

Option multiple station (PC-xA): electromechanical actuators (with independent movement and push adjustment), which allow the simultaneous treatment of different spring types.