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Mineral insulated cable processing machinery

Product categories: Various equipment 

Mineral insulated cable processing machinery

By Felisari

Automatic machinery for working mineral insulated cable MIC, MgO, PT100, thermocouples, resistances.

RINGING: Sheath engraver / cutting machine

- Practical bench model very simple to set-up and operate.
- Noiseless manufacturing process without material removal.
- Universal clamping system of the cable assembled on insertion carriage.
- Fixed piece working through rotating cutters ◦ Ability to work long or shaped cables.
- Great reliability with generous use of stainless steel and titanium materials.
- Depth grooving adjustment (very high precision) with hand-wheel provided with accurate gravitational indicator.
- Fully automatic grooving process through microprocessor control with counters.

Workable cables:

- from 1.0mm to 3.2mm with setup "A"
- from 1.5mm to 6.5mm with setup "B"
- from 6.0mm to 11.0mm with setup "C"

For the proficient sheath cutting and ultrasonic stripping of Mineral Insulated Cables.