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Shredder for heavy duty for banding, wire and cables

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Shredder for heavy duty for banding, wire and cables

By Tramev

The companies that manange large quantities of metal banding know well how many problems are linked with the scrapping and disposal of this kind of material.

SR - 517 - Shredder For Heavy Duty Banding and WireBulky tangles difficult to stock, fast filling of the scrap containers, lot of space occupied by the containers, more frequent trips for to dump the containers. All of these problems are definitively solved with the SOMMER SHREDDER SR0517. The machine is a chopper that reduces in pieces 75-mm long, linear metal materials such as, package banding, wire, shorts, cable etc. guaranteeing a real reduction of the scrap volume from. 20 to 1.

The SR-517 is automatic and very simple to use. The Operator introduces into the feed mouth the material, pushing a pedal, the material is automatically pulled inside, where it is reduced in pieces. The fragments are discharged into a container placed underneath the shredder.