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Traversing units for wire and cable

Product categories: Wire guides & wire straighteners Various equipment 

Traversing units for wire and cable

By Cometo

Mechanical and electronic models:

- Pneumatic/electronic reversal unit guarantees shortest possible reversal time.
- Available side thrust up to 70 kg (155 lbs.). 
- Traverse width up to 1700 mm (67.6"). 
- Choice of different ratio gear reducers.
- Very low maintenance.

Cometo - STR-E Electronic Traversing UnitSTR-E electronic traversing unit for spooling machines is available in 3 models allowing controled winding wire to wire on spools set in every shape - more details...

- STRE-10 suited for thin steel wire winding and precious metals.
- STRE-25...40 for thick wire and cables, running until 1.5 meters, speed until 500 mm/sec and axial force.

Cometo - STR - Mechanical Traversing UnitsSTR- mechanical traversing unit with pneumatic reversing system for use on coiling machines whether already in operation or new. Its continuous working reliability - more details...

Cometo, a manufacturer of mechanical and electronic equipment for wire, cables and flat wire working, offers a series of electronic traverse units for wire spooling. With this equipment the company intends to considerably enhance the quality of the wound wire, especially thin wire; in this case, using the STR E -10 model which offers layering without overlapping or lack of adherence to spool flanges, or step-by-step spooling when required. All this is implemented using the Cometo software which is supported with a twenty character display and a memory that can hold up to one hundred menu’s/recipes. The Cometo electronic system, in addition to offering high quality spooling, allows for an automated system, making it much easier to set up the equipment. With the STR E - 25 and STR E - 40 models, the high level of quality of these devices’ is attainable with wires up to 10 mm in diameter and cables with larger diameters; the final product is achieved with step-by-step spooling. Cometo electronic traverse units can be assembled both horizontally and vertically, with any spool shape.