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Roll form strander for aluminum and copper conductors production

Product categories: Double-twist stranders 

Roll form strander for aluminum and copper conductors production

The Roll Form Stranding process combines the advantages of two highly productive processes, namely: Roll Forming and Double Twist Stranding. These two systems are forged together to create One High Speed Continuous Manufacturing Cell to produce Unilay concentric circular or shaped conductors.

It consists of:

- Double Twist machine:
the machine is an “outside/in” configuration with bow, capstan, take-up, traverse and loading platform. The machine is a side loading unit and is equipped with a standard floor loader designed to load and unload the take-up reel with minimum operator effort.

- Roll Form System:
The objective of this system is to present to the strander the material in the optimum format depending on the desired strand construction. The scope of the strand design determines the application configuration. Depending on the strand design, up to 4 layers of roll forming strand are needed. Each roll stand is driven individually allowing slight changes in speed to be made at each position to compensate for the variances in the spiral length. It further allows more precise distributions of wire tension in each layer optimizing the straightness of the resulting conductor.

Different designs are available for each layer:
- Roll forming of the input wires. This is achieved with a driven roll stand shaping each wire in a layer.

- Round wire layers where a number of round wires are closed without any change in section. The “S” roll metering system is used in this instance.

Single Input Wire (SIW) diameter: Single Input Wire (SIW) diameter represents a strand design mentality and manufacturing methodology that effectively reduces the conversion cost from rod to strand without compromising conductor performance.
This concept can be achieved by replacing the traditional stranding of wires using different wire diameters with stranding of wires using the same wire diameter for a wide range of cross sections.
Single Input Wire (SIW) diameter meets the acceptance of the world’s major conductor standards such as IEC 60228, HD 383 and the ASTM standards.
By incorporating a Single Input Wire diameter program into the strand design, significant savings can be achieved.
The line is suitable to produce:

    Unilay round Aluminum & Copper conductors
    Unilay compressed Aluminum & Copper conductors
    Unilay compact Aluminum & Copper conductors
    ACSR conductors
    Sector shaped Aluminum & Copper conductors
    All Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy conductors (AAC & AAAC)

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

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