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Bi-directional gear boxes

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Bi-directional gear boxes

Cemanco, specializing in solutions and products for the wire, cable, textile & automotive industries, sells bi-directional gear boxes.

Spooling traverse LW15, LW20, LW30
This line of spooling traverse boxes and assemblies is based on the Uhing® rolling ring drive, but has since been further developed resulting in the issuance of a patent documenting improvements.

Rolling ring drives are available in three different sizes for 15 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm shaft diameters. As an option the side thrust can be increased by 40%. All models are available with optional load carriers, remote reversal point adjustment and shaft oilers.

This lightweight Kinemax unit is particularly suitable for fine wire winding.
Max. thrust: 30 N
max. pitch: 6 mm
Weight: 0.3 kg

Spooling traverse LW201
This is the larger brother of the LW 15 Mini; it is a very compact unit even so it’s 20 mm shaft allows for longer traversing distances.
Max. thrust: 70 N
Max. pitch: 8 mm
Weight of the gear: 0.8 kg

Products and services
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Bi-directional gear boxes
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