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Electronic feeder for round or shaped wires

Product categories: Wire guides & wire straighteners 

Electronic feeder for round or shaped wires


Electronic wire feeder Cometo EFM3116, suitable for round or shaped wires with maximum diameter 10mm. The feeder is composed by three upper and three lower rollers, installed on two different housings fed by synchronized motors. The feeding rollers have diameter 116mm and are assembled on a splined shaft with six splines to provide a higher torque. Technologically advanced, fast and easy to use thanks to an intuitive touch-screen, the EFM3116 feeder allows high speed processes up to a maximum of 600m/min ( to be checked case by case according to the wire diameter and tensile).

Another extremely important advantage for the operators is the reduced noise of the feeder compared to similar equipment.

The EFM3116 can also be interfaced with other machines and is the adaptable and ideal solution for those who need to feed metallic round or shaped wires.