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Straightening rollers and bearings

Product categories: Wire guides & wire straighteners 

Straightening rollers and bearings

Bearings model CA
High quality rigid ball bearings ground to high tolerance of concentricity, suitable for wire diameters appoximately 3mm. 90° “V” groove; “U” grooves and any other groove profile available upon request

Straightening rollers model CAR
Straightening rollers with single row bearing for medium duty applications, this rollers have a higher outside ring allowing greater groove depth suitable for approximately 3mm-9mm wire diameters. Customized groove available upon request.

Straightening rollers model CAR2
Straightening rollers similar to CAR type but houses a dual type bearing for higher load capacity. Possibility to grease the bearing. Customized groove available upon request.

Straightening rollers model CAW
Sraightening rollers made of steel alloy UNI:X205Cr 12KU with dual bearing construction with 63HRC hardened steel sleeve for high load capacity and large wire diameter. Suitable for wire diameters from 2 up to 25mm.