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Product and/or service specifications

Acids and / or metals recovery plants

Product categories: Various plants 

Acids and / or  metals recovery plants

Condoroil produces and sells acids and / or  metals recovery plants.

CATALYTIC OXIDATION - PEROXY STEEL® > Catalytic reoxidation unit of the nitrogen oxides to nitric acid with emissions control and simultaneous acid recovery. It can be applied on any nitric solution.

DIFFUSION DIALYSIS - DYAD > Diffusion dialysis units to recover free acids and keep concentration of dissolved metals at steady values.

ELECTRODIALYSIS - REMET > Electrodialysis cell for recovery of metals and acids from spent pickling and micro engraving baths and from plating and electroplating solutions.

ELECTRODIALYSIS CORAL > Electrodialysis cell for recovery of acids and alkalis with a high commercial value.

ELETTROLYSIS - CHEMIREC UNIT > Combined dialysis, electrodyalisis and concentration units for the simultaneous recovery of nitric acid and copper from electrochemical baths used in goldsmith’s industry.