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Product and/or service specifications

Electrolytic and inter-operational degreasers

Product categories: Surface treatments Powder lubricants Other chemical products 

Electrolytic and inter-operational degreasers

Condoroil produces and sells electrolytic and inter-operational degreasers.

Electrolytic degreasers

CONDORINE 150 AC > Alkaline powder product. Low content of caustic soda to be used in anodic and cathodic current.

CONDORINE 156 > Alkaline liquid product. Suitable for degreasing and simultaneous removal of drawing stearates and oils. it can be also used in electrolytic plants both in anodic and cathodic current.

CONDORINE 159 > Strong alkaline product for electrolytic cleaning of wires.

CONDORINE SG 504 AL > High performing electrolytic degreaser used for chemical and electrolytic degreasing.

CONDORINE SG 513 AL > Cheap alkaline degreaser for electrolytic degreasing lines.

Inter-operational degreasers

CONDORINE 100 > Aqueous products to clean tubes in washing machines. No rinse product

CONDORINE 109 > Alkaline liquid product. To be used no rinse for degreasing and simultaneous protection of steel surfaces. To be used by spray or immersion. No following rinse required.

CONDORINE 145 SP > Alkaline liquid product. Similar to CONDORINE 109 but with a higher degreasing capacity. To be used by spray or immersion. No rinse required.

CONDORINE 148 TR > Alkaline liquid product. It is mainly used to remove lapping pastes. To be used also by dip or ultrasonic. No final rinse required.

CONDORINE 149 > Neutral liquid product. It is used to degrease, brighten up and protect copper, its alloys and light alloys surfaces. No following rinse required.

CONDORINE 611 > Slightly alkaline liquid product. It is used to degrease and protect in ultrasonic plants. No following rinse required.

CONDORINE KL > Neutral liquid product. Solvent free degreasing product for cleaning plastic surfaces to be painted.

I - CONDORFOS K 12 L > Liquid product for phosphodegreasing. Standard product used to treat steel surfaces with moderate contamination also in no rinse process to.

J - CONDORFOS LK 30 > Liquid product applied on steel, zinc, aluminium and its alloys to degrease and simultaneously form a thin layer of phosphates over the surface also in NO RINSE plants