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Product and/or service specifications

Spray degreasers

Product categories: Surface treatments Powder lubricants Other chemical products 

Spray degreasers

Condoroil produces and sells degreasers by spray.

CONDORINE 003 PG > Alkaline liquid degreaser, free of silicates, suitable to remove lapping pastes and processing oils.

CONDORINE 004 PG > Slightly alkaline powder degreaser, free of silicates, suitable to remove oils, greases and cleaning pastes from aluminium.

CONDORINE 105 P > Slightly alkaline liquid product. Suitable to degrease copper and alloys also for quick operations in line (e.g. coil and wire). To be used also by spray.

CONDORINE 111 SP > Slightly alkaline powder product. Suitable for any metal, free of phosphates and caustic alkalis.

CONDORINE 130 > Concentrate liquid product. To be used by spray and by immersion for cleaning of moulds also with small cavities (pneumatic moulds etc).

CONDORINE 144 CU > Slightly alkaline liquid product. Suitable for degreasing of copper alloys also for quick operation in line. It avoids hydroxides precipitation and is chosen when an alkaline passivation with triazoles follows. To be used also by spray.

CONDORINE 1503 > Concentrate neutral liquid. To be used on spray or immersion plants, harmless for the operator and suitable for any kind of rubber.

CONDORINE 151 > Alkaline liquid product. Rich in sequestering agents for aluminium. It is used to clean die casting, pressure die casting and pressing moulds.

CONDORINE 156 > Alkaline liquid product. Suitable for degreasing and simultaneous removal of drawing stearates and oils. it can be also used in electrolytic plants both in anodic and cathodic current.

CONDORINE 166 > Alkaline liquid product. Rich in carbonate, it is mainly used in removal of animal and vegetal oils and greases. To be used also by spray.

CONDORINE 592 AC > Highly concentrated acidic degreaser, sulphuric acid based, for the cleaning of aluminium and aluminium alloys surface

CONDORINE 681 > Alkaline liquid product suitable for cleaning of any metal usable by dip and spray.

CONDORINE 841 SP > Slightly alkaline powder product. Suitable for any metal, free of caustic soda and ligninsulphonates, is mainly used to remove by spray the polishing pastes. E.g. in plating lines.

CONDORINE 895 > Series of liquid or powder degreaser/dephosphatizer. For more details see ”Cold forming” section.

CONDORINE 895 AF > Alkaline powder product. It is used to degrease and simultaneously remove oxides, phosphates and iron oxalates.
Since it contains high amount of sequestering agents it also eliminates drawing soaps rich in calcium.

CONDORINE 895 AFK > Alkaline powder product. It differs from 895 AFL since it contains caustic potash that provides a better rinse characteristic.

CONDORINE P 63 > Slightly alkaline liquid product. Suitable for spray and immersion application for non etching cleaning of the aluminium surfaces.

CONDORINE P 64 > Traditional alkaline degreaser to prepare surfaces to phosphating.

CONDORINE P 65 > Slightly alkaline liquid product. Free of silicates, it can be used on any metal. It is mainly used in degreasing of light alloys where silicates are not allowed. To be used also by spray.

CONDORINE SG 113 L > Slightly alkaline product used to degrease aluminium surfaces. High content of buffering and inhibiting substances avoid the metal surface etching.

CONDORINE SG 503 AL > Slightly alkaline degreaser, it is used to clean the surfaces from oil and zinc oxides

CONDORINE SG 503Z L > Alkaline degreaser mainly used to clean highly contaminated galvanized coil. It guarantees the metal surface activation necessary for excellent passivation.

CONDORINE SG 510 > Slightly alkaline degreaser for in line spray cleaning of stainless steel surfaces before annealing process. The product is totally free of salts avoiding stains formation in the annealing step.

CONDORINE SG 511 N > Neutral degreaser to be used at medium low temperature. It does not saponify rolling oils of animal or vegetal nature avoiding foam formation.

CONDORINE SG 515 AL > Moderate alkaline degreaser with high concentration and rinsing properties. It can be used on all substrates.

CONDORINE SG19 SP > Slightly alkaline powder product. Suitable for any metal, free of caustic alkalis, phosphates and silicates.

CONDORINE SG840 > Powder products for washing machines used to clean mechanical parts.

CONDORITE 750 > Slightly acid liquid product. Innovative product alternative to phosphodegreasing. It degreases the surfaces by forming a conversion layer that protects the surfaces and increases the rubber bonding capacity. Free of phosphates, it avoids problem of sludge formation and phosphate abatment. Suitable on any metal in spray and immersion plants.

SGRASSANTE 900 > Traditional alkaline etching degreasing. Suitable for higher surface etching