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Coil fed punching machines

Product categories: Machines for sheet metal manufacturing and processing 

Coil fed punching machines

DALCOS – Dallan coil punching division.
Punching machines Dalcos: coil fed lines for fast, flexible and parametric production.

DALCOS is the DALLAN division specialised in the manufacture of coil punching machines (automatic coil punching machines), flexible punching lines and coil fed laser cutting systems. As a result of the growing demand for flexible systems, in 1989 Dallan establishes Dalcos as an independent unit focusing on the production of these special machines.
Most punching machines, although highly flexible, work from the sheet, whereas DALCOS punching machines work starting from the coil.
The principle is very simple: the coil is unwound by a decoiler, straightened and then fed into the DALCOS punching machine.
The coil is positioned along axis X by the numerically controlled feeder VEGA (which allows the metal strip to move forwards and backwards) while the tools move in direction Y: the perforations can be positioned anywhere along the strip.
The Dalcos punching machine may also be fitted with a roller feeder when the products are very long and require little punching.
The DALCOS machines use standard thick turret tools (the same as most sheet metal punching machines) so that set-up is cost effective and the tooling is immediately available on the market.
The cutting shear completes the punching machine and it is used to cut the product to size.
The main advantages of this philosophy of production are:

- the material is used up to almost 100%, especially in the manufacture of rectangular shaped parts

- very high production speed: in fact during continuous operation the sheet loading and unloading times no longer exist

These machines are extremely flexible and the parametric programming is very simple. With such programming it is possible to make pieces of similar shape which include mathematical rules and parameters that can be freely set by the operator: the machine can therefore be programmed by simply transferring an excel file or table which contains all the parameters of the parts and the quantities to be produced. This programming system is exceptional for products such as reinforced and safety doors, light fittings, metal furniture, filter frames, frames for HVAC products and so on.

DALCOS machines can also be programmed through commercial CAD CAM programs if appropriate post-processors are purchased.

The DALCOS punching machines are currently available in the hydraulic PXN version and in the electric EXN version which boasts an energy consumption equal to 20% of the hydraulic version, a factor that can be added to other important advantages.

Many models of these machines are available, starting from 300mm in width and arriving at 1500mm. Some common fields of application are as follows:

- reinforced, safety and fire doors;
- lighting fixtures;
- suspended metal ceilings;
- metal furniture;
- building profiles and pre-machining of structural sections;
- electrical cabinets and switchgear;
- troughs/feeders and poultry sector;
- safes;
- profiles for ventilation and HVAC;
- lightweight metal structures for household electrical appliances;
- industrial dishwashers;
- refrigerators;
- bar/pub furniture and many more.