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AURA - Universal springs testing machine

Product categories: Controls and checks 

AURA - Universal springs testing machine

Operation is manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.
Testable objects include: springs, metal wires, plastics, cables, chains, hooks and other. The test instrument can be modularised taking into account that the structure can house 3 permanently installed load cells for compression tests, and 3 sets of tensile grips for tests, including at break. Our system uses several cards (for axis and cell reader control) that are connected via CanBus to enable displacements to position or force at a feedback speed of 1000 Hz. Load cell reads are effected 1,000 times per second. Minimum indexing is 1/32.700 (this can be increased by slowing down load cell reading). The universal testing machine operates with computerized numerical control and includes a computer with HDD and touch screen. It is a self-supporting, two-pillar structure with ball screws. Its electronic setup enables cycles of stress of sinusoidal form which result in machine preservation and remarkable performance – notwithstanding the ball screw mechanism. DC power driven, encoder (or optical ruler).
The computer programme for this machine has entirely been developed by Easydur based on Windows XP, with internal files, statistics and certificate management in Excel format, which allows users free modularisation and customisation.
Up to 8 load cells can be inserted in the machine, 3 of which are permanently installed. Loads can be combined, at will, from 1 Kg (10N) to 100 ton (1000KN). Load cells are selected via software and are constantly protected from overload, including when not in use. In the event of an unpredicted shock or out-of-scale condition, the axis will automatically unlock. Integrated load cell yield compensation. Programmable testing speed. Ease of use: Each test can be easily performed using the keys on the front panel. There is no need to access the preset programmes. Available on request is also a programme for suspension springs for automotive and railway applications.

Accessories (optional):
• Self-tightening or pneumatic grips for tests on flat or round objects
• Different shape grips according to test objects
• Mechanical strain gauges for different test piece length
• NEW: optical strain gauges with camera
• Ovens and refrigerators for temperature tests.

The following results can be obtained from tensile tests:
- unit load
- distortion (elongation) modulus
- characteristics at yield
- characteristics at break

Conditions for stopping a tensile test:
- maximum elongation
- desired load loss
- maximum force.

• absolute automatic reset
• relative reset – for instance relative to the gap of a free spring
• test diagram
• ASCII format archive – easy to read and export
• elasticity and stiffness diagrams
• interface for external data acquisition, e.g. gauges, comparators, etc.
• integrated network card, USB port
• handle for manual displacements, precision equal to 0.003 mm
• mean, sigma, Gaussian curves , CP CPK…

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