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Large-size hardness testers

Product categories: Controls and checks 

Large-size hardness testers

Easydur specialises in the manufacturing of large-size hardness testers capable of carrying out Brinell tests up to 3,000 Kg.
The test cycle is fully automatic and includes workpiece surface preparation, with milling being an integrated feature of the equipment.
Tests can be carried out on both large pieces (eg.: 6 metre diameter forged rings) and small pieces. The equipment is provided with a hydraulic stop piece pin that comes into operation before the test cycle begins.
Measurements are carried out via a camera and dedicated software. The latter has been thoroughly developed by Easydur within a Windows XP environment.

- Universal Hardness tester WITH MILLING for Brinell tests
- The load precision is controlled via closed loop load cells
- Machine management through a built-in computer.
- Selection of loads and automatic test scales from menus; full automatic test cycle.
- The structure is protected against dust and any atmospheric agent as well as against shocks.
- special studied for CASTING AND FORGING HOUSES.
- Brinell and Vickers readings through camera and monitor integrated with high-definition and high-precision electronic measurement.
- Automatic focus with piece presser.
- Print out of the impression image and of the specimen surface; printed on the inspection report with statistic analysis.
- Large data and test storage with file management.
- Built according to the requirements for certification by calibration institutes.
- Perfect and effective measure even at the first test
- Load cell reading at 1000Hz
- Full automatic measurements Brinell, without manual intervention
- Repetibiliry: 0,1 HBW

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