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Product and/or service specifications

Spring tester 2C series

Product categories: Controls and checks 

Spring tester 2C series

Equipment capable of carrying out compression and tensile tests. Suitable for spring tests.
The equipment is manually operated.
Fast and slow speed can be selected.
Two (2) cells can be inserted in a range from 1 to 500 Kg.
The structure is self-bearing. Test space is enclosed between two columns in order to give greater stiffness to the frame.
Upper crosstie with holes enables an easy assembly of guiding spring rod. The rod is also used as safety device for tests on unstable springs.
The spring tester is supplied with a digital optical line for length measurements with 0.01 mm indexing and electronic load cell to test spring strength.
Automatic compensation of cell give.

Strengths and lengths are visualised on two displays by operating the push button panel. Kgs. and Newton are the commutable units, however pounds and inches are also available on request.
The following functions can be pre-set through keyboard:
- autozero
- recalibration
- multicell
- tolerances
- data transmission rs 232

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