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Vitari chain-link fencing machine

Product categories: Machines for mesh production 

Vitari chain-link fencing machine

Chain-link fencing machinery MG series

The main characteristics of this new series of machines for manufacturing galvanized or coated wire chain-link fencing is the high productivity output.

The blade speed and the spiral length are electronically programmable depending on the wire characteristics and the size of netting to be produced. The variable blade speed can be set from 20rpm to 1000rpm and adjusted during the manufacturing process. The cutting mechanism is controlled by an independent motor quickly reaching maximum the production output.

The two machine models MG3 (wire sizes 1.5 mm - 3,4 mm) and MG4 (wire sizes 1.8 mm - 4.5 mm) can cater for chian-link fencing sizes 25x25 – 100x100. The standard winding system will allow roll production of 2 mt - 3 mt - 4 mt and 6 mt fencing.

Compact rolls can be executed using the compactor accessory which will enable 2mt and 3mt fences to be manufactured. The compactor includes a paper roll to interferes during the roll winding operation so that all the knuckled wire ends will avoid entangling. This is essential during the installation of compact fencing.

The high-level electronics installed allows the operator to programme production using the touch-screen operator panel. All working parameters can be modified even while the machine is in production mode and all the data relating to the setting parameters can be saved and stored. All the production data can then be downloaded and transferred via USB key to the lap-top. Moreover, the machine can be equipped with a modem for world-wide on-line technical assistance.