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Vitari wire clothes hanger making machine

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

Vitari wire clothes hanger making machine

Vitari wire dress hanger machines.

This Vitari machine produces wire dress hangers with a tensile strength range of 400 to 750 N/mm², with coils of 800-1000 Kg.

The wire introduced into the machine is straightened by rotating bushes or, (in case you are using PVC wire), by a special set of rollers.

The dress-hangers are formed through the following operations: wire is cutted according to the preset length, bent, hook formed and then the dress-hanger is ejected. The wire is fed into the forming unit through two sets of rollers, while the cutting length is adjustable and related to the dress-hanger required.

After the forming operation the dress-hangers are collected on a special inclined shaft.

This Vitari machine is equipped with a lot of safety devices. It can be set to work continuously and also has an adjustable speed system. By simply changing tooling, you may produce different shapes of dress-hangers.