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Product and/or service specifications

Neat oils for chip removal and grinding operations

Product categories: Oils for molding, extrusion and other deformations 

Neat oils for chip removal and grinding operations

Neat cutting oils are used to reduce friction between the tool and the piece being processed during cutting.
Low nebulization and foam-forming tendency, as well as its ability to completely remove heat from the workstation area are just some of the strengths of the ECOCUT range.

Using cutting fluids for metalworking generates oily emissions causing:

    fog formation
    oil evaporation

Both can cause health and safety related problems. Oily fog may derive from  

    oil jet atomization
    impact of fluids in the workstation area
    shape of the piece being cut, cutting tool movements and cutting speed

In addition, the energy produced from cutting or grinding changes into heat thus increasing the temperature of tools, pieces and machinery. Consequently, oil is partially lost through evaporation and hydrocarbon emissions are discharged with further polluting action on the surrounding environment. Oily fog particles and vapours are either inhaled or absorbed through contact with the skin.  
Our R&D department has developed the ECOCUT range to solve such problems by:
using adequately treated mineral basestocks
carefully selecting suitable anti-fog additives

Fuchs’ PLANTO range offers biodegradable solutions for all lubrication needs of machine tools,  like PLANTOCUT cutting oil.

Main advantages :

    Outstanding surface finish quality
    Full process safety with very few checks and less maintenance
    low product consumption
    longer tool service life
    no toxic effects
    quickly biodegradable in compliance with CEC L33A95 standards