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Cable cutting machine

Product categories: Various rope-making machines 

Cable cutting machine

Cables with a diameter of approx. 4-90mm can be stripped with the Maxi 100. This slow running machine has advantages due to simple design and engineering.
The insulation is cut open horizontally with two counter mounted knives.

The cable is driven to the knives by two syncron running rollers and then transported to the removal area. The adjustment for the cable diameter is done manually with the help of two setting wheels, one on top and one on the left side, therefore the cutting depth can be exactly determined and adjusted to the insulation thickness. The two knives can be removed and installed without much effort. The knives can be easily reground with a normal grinding machine.

The drive unit is covered by a protection guard. The machine is automatically switched off by a safety switch as soon as the cover is opened. The machine is built according to the European EU-Standard 89/392EG and is conform with the EU-Regulation 89/333EG, the harmonized standards or parts of the standard CEI EN 60204-1 were used.

Technical Details:
Number of Drive: 2 pcs.
Drive: 2 x Electric Motors
Drive Performance: 2 x 1,5 kW
RPM: 45 min-1
No. of drives: 2
Knife Thickness: 4 mm
Cable Dimension: 4-90 mm
Range: acc. Cable thickness
Adjustments: manually/mechanical
Electric Power: 3 x 380V/50Hz
Weight: 180 kg
Dimension: 80x80x125 cms