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Carbon fiber bows

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Carbon fiber bows


Composite Flyer Bows

In its sortiment Heinze & Streng GmbH is offering flyer bows made of reinforced carbon fiber with plastic (CFK) for all typical stranding machines.
The components are designed by the most modern engineering methods and therefore guarantee a high performance and stability. The materials and the manufacturing processes result from the Aerospace and Space Industry and meet the highest requirements and standards.

You have the following advantages when using these flyer bows:

- Economical mass production, parts and special designs of highest quality (i.e. optimized flyer bows at top performance).
- The costs for spare parts and maintenance can be reduced. The parts have a longer lifetime and are less expensive than many OEM parts.
- The materials that are utilized are lighter and harder as standard metals and in turn increase the dynamics of your machine, your production is more effective.


Hybrid Bows

-Eliminate wear plates
-wire guides can be checked and changed on the installed bow
-easy handling for maintenance
-lower power consuption and noise
-I-Beam construction improved bow stiffness
-wire is out of the airstream due to lower CW- factor
-improved aerodynamics and lower friction



Big Bows

-"I-Beam" construction without loss of strength and stiffness
-can reduce weight by 40 %
-easy handling for maintenance
-maximum energy savings and longer life of the rotor bearings due to extremly reduced weight
-additional molded steel ropes in the edges reduce wire breaks particulary for hard wire
-wire guides depending on product and customers request



 WideSR Bow

-SR stands for steel rope which reinforces the bow edge thus reducing damage from wire breaks
-each bow is 100% molded, using tri-axial braided carbon for superior stiffness and stregth
-WideSR Bow is designed to bolt directly to the mount block, improving clamping strength and reducing mount failure
-"Slip-in" wear plate make maintenance simple and fast
-improve aerodynamics and extend bow life




BackBone® Flyer Bows - BBB

- improved bow strength (no holes)
- I-beam construction for significantly improved bow stiffness
- wire is out of the air stream
- bow shaped like a wing for improved aerodynamics and low CW factor
- wear strips eliminated and replaced by wear bushings with windows for easy inspection and dust clearing
- wire guides can be rotated for multiple use
- wire guides can be ceramic, steel (58 - 60 rc) and other materials or coatings
- wire guides improve support of difficult to make products
- no wire pinching between guide and wear strip

- improved wire quality
- higher TMP
- reduced bow breakage
- lower power (amps) consumption
- increased life on wear surfaces, reduced downtime and maintenance
- easy assembly and change of wire guides.