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Cordless wire cutter

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Cordless wire cutter

OS-13 AC

The MASTERTOOL-Automatic OS-13 AC (new series) electro-hydraulic steel cutter with a rechargeable battery operation is the answer to your cutting problems. KRENN´s new, light-weight battery-powered steel cutter cuts steel rods up to a maximum diameter of 13 mm, but is independent of the mains.
Handy, light and without loss of power.
The battery-powered electro-hydraulic steel cutter is currently the handiest and lightest tool on the market. Including the rechargeable battery the electro-hydraulic steel cutter weighs just 4,4 kgs. Operation and battery replacement are extremely easy.
A recharged battery will enable you to cut approx. 125 steel rods of 10 mm diameter or approx. 60 rods of 13 mm diameter without loss of cutting capacity.
The MASTERTOOL-Automatic OS-13 AC comes complete with a case containing a charger, tools and hydraulic oil. It is so easy to maintain, that problems simply won´t occur.

Technical specifications:

Cutting capacity up to 13 mm Ø:
with 10 mm Ø approx. 125 cuts
with 13 mm Ø approx. 60 cuts
Battery power: 12 V - 1,7 Ah
Cutting speed: approx. 4 sec/cut
Weight: 4,4 kg
Accessories: 1 charger Tools, hydraulic oil
Packaging: Tool plus accessories in metal case


OS-16 AC

Technical specifications:
Cutting capacity: up to 16 mm Ø
Cutting speed: approx. 5,5 sec/cut
Weight: 5,8 kg
Dimension: 371 mm (L) x 108 mm (B) x 264 mm (H)
Battery Power: 12 V
Akku: Nickel-Cadium
Cutting head: rotation (360 degrees)