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Compax ® (PCD) – Unsupported die blanks

Product categories: Drawing tools Extrusion tools 

Compax ® (PCD) – Unsupported die blanks

Unsupported die blanks are free standing polycrystalline diamond cylinders that are either electrically conductive (MF) or thermally stable (TS). Both MF and TS versions are available in a 5 micron diamond grain size with dimensional sizing from D-6 to D-18 and a sub-micron diamond grain size from D-6 to D-12.

Compax® die blanks are the best choice when long die life, finish and dimensional controls are essential. Sinter quality and homogenic distribution of micron size diamond crystals provide the ability to achieve a high quality surface and better abrasion resistance.

Compax blanks are used in a wide-range of wire-drawing and extruding applications:

- Aluminum
- Tire cord
- Sawing wire
- Copper
- Welding wire
- Resistance-heating wire elements
- Stainless steel
- Galvanized steel
- Exotic wire materials

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