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alpCCM (Continuous Casting Machine)

Product categories: Industry 4.0 and enterprise software 

alpCCM (Continuous Casting Machine)alpCCM
Continuous Casting Machine

alpCCM is the best tool to respond to the ever grooving requests of maintenance, production and quality control personnel in continuous casting machine.

alpCCM is dedicated to a wide range of users: maintenance people who needs to monitor a sensor; a metallurgist who wants to follow the production process; sales office people who wants to supply each billet with specific documentation.

From ladle to casting floor, down to the single casting strands up to torch cutters, all data from all sensor and devices are collected: load cells, mould level control, primary and spray cooling system, electro magnetic stirrers, hydraulic circuits, encoders and counters as well as electrical drives data.

alpCCM finds its natural application in maintenance and diagnostic activities, whereas it’s necessary to “replay” the casting flow to find out anomalous events or in case some particular phase of the process needs to be put under magnifying glass.
With the analysis of alpCCM is possible to change the representation of data registered in “time” to show them represented in “space”, let’s say taking a picture of the history of each meter of billet.

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alpCCM system final target is the automation of these functions of recording, analysis, reporting, with efficiency and reliability:

Acquisition of all signal from casting process control automation system and visualization of the online signal using preconfigured layouts.

Preconfigured Archives and analysis models.

Visualization of signal acquired online with graphic pages similar to a SCADA/HMI.
Reports generation using data coming from stored archives.
Creation of data structures and interfaces to database SQL-Server, Oracle, etc.