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Product and/or service specifications

Industrial furnaces for heat treatment

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

Industrial furnaces for heat treatment

- carbon steel
- stainless steel - aluminium

In particular:
- bogie hearth furnaces
- fixed hearth furnaces
- roller furnaces
- bell hearth furnaces

All the industrial furnace’s plants are provided with the “turnkey system” and our provision includes:
- engineering internally developed
- building in our workshop
- pre-assembly of the system before the shipping
- pre-testing in our work shop with blank tests of the handling, complete of the combustion plants
- shipment to the final customer
- final assembly on site
- acceptance testing

Carrying out the pre-assembly and pre-testing in our workshop, we are able to ensure the good quality of plant and to reduce the time of final assembly at the customer.

Our products:

- Complete line of galvanized COILS
Complete line for heating, tempering and galvanization of sheet metal coils

- Extension lung
Extension lung for coils

- Microwave tempering tank

- Microwave cart for forging

- Bogie hearth furnace
Treatment of calibrated pipes. Bogie hearth furnace for the treatment of calibrated pipes for cylinders with related piping for radiating pipes combustion plant.

- Loading bed for bogie
Left and right loading. Left and right loading bed for bogie hearth furnace.

- Exceptional transport
Complete exceptional transport of piping and refractory, completely pre-assembled

- Billet's pre heating fournace
Billet's pre heating fournace for aluminium extrusion complete of combustion piping

- Pressure water quenching
Pressure water quenching head for production of pipes for drilling

- Forge furnace
Forge furnace for flanges or rings for the construction of big diameter bearings

- Automatic rotating hearth furnaces
Automatic rotating hearth furnaces for flanges or rings for the construction of bearings

- Furnaces for treatment and tempering
Line composed of 6 furnaces for treatment and tempering with quenching tanks and automatic loading line

- Loading beds
Loading beds for automatic loading line

- Automatic plant for galvanization
Automatic plant for galvanization of metallic structures, composed of furnaces and tunnel for zinc vapours suction

- Post-combustion furnace
Post-combustion furnace for disposal of hazardous gases