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Metal flange process reels for wire, cable and rope

Product categories: Reels, wire carriers and capstans 

Metal flange process reels for wire, cable and rope

MF Metal Flange Process Reel

DIN 46395

A pressed steel process, one-way or shipping reel. It is suitable for cable, steel wire or rope, copper, aliminium and welding wire. Dimensions may be according to customer's specifications or the relevant international industry standards.

Reel Type: MF Reel

Size Range: 100mm to 1250mm as per DIN 46395


- Universal take up and pay off reels

- Used in any product handling application

Typical Products:

- Take-up reels for insulation lines

- Input reels for double-twist and drum twist lay-up machines

- Take-up reels for sheathing (jacketing) lines

- Take-up reels on wire armouring machines

Technical Data:

- Manufactured from high quality steel plate and tube

- Welded by MIG process

- Suitable for transportation between factories


- Dynamically balanced to ISO1940

- Flat sided flanges

- Flat rim

- Customers Dimensions

mf reels