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Metal strip and sheet cold rolling mills

Product categories: Cold rolling machines 

Metal strip and sheet cold rolling mills

For rolling metal strip and sheet, INVIMEC is recognised as a world leader and the first company to have introduced the rolling train concept to the jewellery industry.
The company makes models to suit all the changing needs of manufacturers of strip chain (ball chain, foldover, box, stamped, popcorn and all other types) and semi-finished goods, as the market continues to evolve.
INVIMEC strip rolling mills and line rolling machines with the train system make it possible to automate the production process of semi-finished goods, eliminating problems related to costs and to finding specialised personnel.
What is more, INVIMEC rolling trains reduce waste and the possibility of rolling errors so that subsequent processing by the chain machines can proceed without problems.

Multi-stand mill ENNE130

Multi-stand mill ENNE150

Multi-stand mill ENNE104

1 ALFA cutting machine

2 BETA cutting machine