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Rolls and cylinders for rolling, forming and shearing machines

Product categories: Rolling tools 

Rolls and cylinders for rolling, forming and shearing machines

Rolls for rolling, forming, shearing machines

Thanks to decades of experience INVIMEC produces and reproduces on request any kind of rolls and cylinders for rolling, forming and shearing machines. All parts are realized from drawing and/or as spare parts of existing machines.

INVIMEC has been manufacturer and specialising in the production of rolling mill machinery for over 40 years. With the know-how developed over the years, continuing exchange of ideas with customers and constant research to find the most appropriate solutions, INVIMEC is able to present itself on the market as a valid point of reference for rollers and cylinders.
Among the optional equipment designed for its rolling trains the INVIMEC price list has for many years contained equipment for producing different types of profiles directly by rolling.
Given its undisputed expertise, INVIMEC is able to reproduce, grind and build all types of rollers present on the market, whether standard or to special design, and in any size.
For example, the company has long been supplying and rectifying rollers for traditional rolling mills, smooth and incised rollers, with particular scaling and reductions, in hard metal and special steel that has been appropriately heat-treated.