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Descaler MD 75/4

Product categories: Brushing, descaling and peeling machines 

Descaler MD 75/4

Lämneå Bruk descaling machine MD 75/4 is suitable for descaling Low Carbon – High Carbon wire with sizes from 5,5 mm up to 8 mm.

The descaler is an efficient space saving inline rod cleaning system. It can work on its own or in combination with a brushing machine. The frame is self-supporting and need only a flat surface for installation.

Wire is fed trough the descaler in a straight line and a manual operated single-row ball bearings slowing ring is turned to reverse bend the wire in 4 plains. The more the slewing ring is turned the more the descaling effect increases.

A scale collection container is placed beneath the unit, for an easy removal of the wire scale. The machine is equipped with a wire break catcher arm. In the event of a wire break, the catcher arm falls down and a limit sensor is activated and there by stopping the line.

The bending rollers in the machine can be either hardened or recoated with tungsten carbide, or even better a solid tungsten carbide ring that is changeable.

The roller bearings used in the machine are double protected by shields and labyrinths. The operator is protected by interlocked guards and the machine is totally enclosed.

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