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Die reconditioning services

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Die reconditioning services

Trust the experts to give a new lease of life to your old dies & tools
What Happens?
The efficiency of the wire plant, wire surface, size & roundness of the wire is directly dependent on the condition of the string of dies. After many kilometers of wire drawing, a "wear ring" is formed at the contact point in the die profile. At this point, the dies need repolishing to retain the original die profile and roundness. Repolishing will bring backthe die life, improvesthe wire surfficefinish, retainsthe size and reduces the wire breakagesthere by improving the productivity of the wire plant. When the wear ring is severe orthe damage in the die profile is big and when the size is beyond tolerance, the dies are resized and re polished. 
What we do?
On receipt of the used dies at Mikrotek plant, our inspector checks each and every die for its present size and visually checks under microscope for wear pattern and its severeness and decides if the die qualifies for repolishing or it should be resized.The inspector prepares a report and sends it tothe customer informing the condition ofthedie and asksforapprovalto repolish or requeststhe customerto issue3 nearest sizes to resize. Upon customer approval, the dies are repolished or resized. If required, the entry face of the casing is cleaned and newsize is marked.
What you get?
 At Mikrotek, every used die goes through the entire die working process including laser profiling if required and processed like a new die. As a result, our customers get highest advantage of Mikrotek resources, as every used die gets new life to give prolonged performance.
For high volume customers we offer on-site service.