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Natural and single diamond dies

Product categories: Drawing tools 

Natural and single diamond dies

ND Dies

We manufacture Natural diamond dies in the size range of 0,010- 1,200 mm. We use Kimberly Process certified rough diamond stones. Every diamond stone is individually inspected under polarised Microscope and only flawless Diamonds are selected.
The rough diamonds are flattened with respect to 111 plane orientations to give every die maximum strength to withstand rough & tough drawing conditions, and maximum number of recuts. Our Natural diamond dies are widely used for drawing superfine, fine & medium sizes of stainless steel, magnet wire, copper and aluminum conductors, EDM, Gold, Silver, Medical, low and high Carbon Steel wire, Tungsten, Molybdenum, coated and alloy wires etc. 
Our expertise in manufacturing ND die sets for high speed multiwire drawing machines are widely accepted by our customers due to consistent die profiles with matched elongations ensuring accurate die size, good luster and shine to the drawn wire and longer die life. Worldwide, we are a preferred supplier to most of the superfine size wire drawing companies due to top to bottom polished, concentric and look alike profiles. We also supply semi finished dies for sizes below 0,050 mm.
These dies are fully completed except final sizing allowing the customers to quickly finish the required tolerance.
Multiwire drawing dies for copper cable and Schillerfrei Dies for stainless steel wire are our speciality

Single diamond (mono) dies

We manufacture Single diamond dies in the size range of 0.015 - 1.2 mm.
These Single diamonds are man-made diamonds which are also called as Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond (SSCD).
Single dies are manufactured by using the raw materials purchased from M/s Element Six & M/s Sumitomo.
Our Single dies are widely used for drawing Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium, EDM, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Medical, Gold, Silver and Alloy wires etc.,