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Grinding wheels for metal profiles rectification

Product categories: Surface treatment materials and consumables Spring tools 

Grinding wheels for metal profiles rectification

Ermoli Srl manufactures and sells grinding wheels for rectification of metal profiles that have a great grinding capacity and an excellent profile lastingness.

Thanks to a specific designed structure and the mixtures of abrasives and grains used, Ermoli Srl is able to realize grinding wheels that are able to keep the profile even with very small radiuses.

With the exception of the grinding wheels profiled by crushing rollers, the company uses porous concave-spheres structure that helps in preventing overheating and improves the grinding capacity of the grinding wheel, without compromising the longevity of the profile.

Upon customers request, Ermoli Srl can realize a pre-profiling of the wheels, with a consequent saving of time and diamonds for the first profiling operation.

Delivery times vary depending on the size and the binder used.

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