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Reel take-up and pay off stands

Product categories: Take-ups and winders for ropes, braids and strands Pay-offs/unwinders for ropes, braids and strands Pay-offs/unwinders for cables and optical fibers Take-ups/winders for cables and optical fibers 

Reel take-up and pay off stands

O.M.A. offers an entire range of take up stands, pay off stands and integrated take up/ pay off stands for flanged reel from 400 to 4000 mm and with speeds from 3 to 500 m/1 minute.

Suitable for parallel winding of hoses, cables, ropes and profiles in line with braiding machines, spiraling machines, extruders, wrapping/unwrapping lines and taping machines.

The range includes models with mobile shoulders for maximum production flexibility able to use bobbins from 600 to 2500 of flange, portal frames as well as cantilever systems with hydraulic, pneumatic or motorized lifting assistance and manual, hydraulic or motorized pintle controls.

Torque or speed controlled with the use of accumulators or electronic detection systems the O.M.A. take-up stands can also be equipped with electronically controlled traverse systems and/or with adjustable mechanical translation systems.

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