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Tube CNC bending machine

Product categories: Tube machinery 

Tube CNC bending machine

OMCG can manufacture and supply CNC bending machines within tube diameter range from 1 to 18 m, bending radii range from 2 to 6 (versions for wire and strip are available). Programming is extremely simple thanks to “Easy Programming” software offering 3 different programming modes, 3D views, 3D simulation, collision checks, cycle times, real-time adjustments and much more.


Our machines are used in a large range of industrial applications such as, for example: muffler hangers, car seat frames, wiper arms, headrests, torsion bars, supermarket trolleys, buckles, pail handles, roof hooks, clamps, pegboards, coat hanger hooks, bike saddles, farm springs and many others.


Complementary units for welding, head and collar forming, chamfering, threading, coining and so on are available to integrate with bending machines.  




Note: sizes refer to tensile strength of 600 N/mm2