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Product and/or service specifications

Shaping systems for coils and bars

Product categories: Wire bending, forming and shaping machines 

Shaping systems for coils and bars

Highly automated machines from coil and/or from bar that allow to execute the whole processing cycle fully automatically and in one single step.

Robobend - Oscam latest innovation.
Super automatic system for bending pre-cut bars without any human intervention.
By means of the automatic feeding system, the bars coming from the cutting units are automatically loaded on the Robobend bending units for the shaping process.

Robobend can also be fed from coil.
The whole process is carried out quickly, in perfect order, without the bars overlapping. A notable reduction of production times is therefore obtained.

Once bent the bars are automatically divided into production lots for the customers, making the labelling operation even faster.

Robobend is intended for medium and large productions (over 40 tons per day) of any shape with rods up to a diameter of 43 mm.


Smart combi
Fully automated and integrated cutting and bending system (for loading, measuring, cutting, bending and unloading), fed by bar and coil (adding a straightening unit)
Particularly suitable for the management of medium ranges of processing to be carried out in a very short time and with frequent changes in customer orders.
Equipped with magnetic feeding unit (optional), it allows to carry out working cycles simultaneously and automatically manage the changes in diameter of the bar to be processed; in fact it picks up, cuts and transfers the bars to the bending units and unloads the products divided by lots in a fully automatic manner.

Its productivity is unmatched by every other automatic cutting and bending system thanks to the high number of bars that it can process simultaneously, to the two mobile bending heads it is equipped and the simultaneous operations that it carries out: during the bending operations it is possible to proceed simultaneously with the cutting of another lot.

Its exclusive design allows managing straight bar lots at an unrivalled speed compared with other systems, and separates the cut offs as well as the straight bars from the bent ones.

Unlike other automatic cutting and bending machines it can also process bars of large diameter.

The industrial computer on machine board can be connected with remote PC for data transmission and is equipped with optimization software bar cutting.