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Pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™

Product categories: Drawing tools 

Pressure drawing insert holders - ParaLoc™

Paramount Die's ParaLoc Pressure Holders are designed to increase draw insert lubrication by enabling the drawing lubricant to pressurize during the drawing process. Pressure holders are recommended predominately for use with dry lubricants however can be utilized with grease and emulsions by adjusting the pressure insert clearance. ParaLoc Pressure Holders are offered in a wide range of sizes, work with all types of die box cooling and are available in both straight and tapered outside diameter styles. For direct water cooled die boxes, holders are available with O-ring seals as well as with cooling fins for better thermal transfer.
Key Benefits:

- Precision manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel.
- Sustains extreme lubricant pressure without leaking or failing.
- Available in a large range of sizes and dimensions to fit almost all die boxes.
- Maximizes the life of a drawing insert by optimizing wire lubrication.