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Fasteners for metals and special materials

Product categories: Various equipment Screws Bolts Small turned parts Small part stampings Various metal parts 

Fasteners for metals and special materials

Fasteners for metals and special materials

The introduction of new materials and their successful use by designers are usually dependant on a mechanical fastening system to allow dismantling for adjustment, servicing or repair.

The captive fasteners shown in this section have been designed to met the needs of designers who require the strenght of a steel thread when using lightweight alloys suche as magnesium and resin based printed circuit boards.

ELICEL® Kit - Thread repair kits
ELICEL® - Taps & tooling
Screw-Sert® - Self-threading metal bush
Wire thread ELICEL® - Wire thread insert
Keenserts® - Self threading metal bush
Special locking & sealing rings
ELIBLOC® - Self locking nut
Precision pins - Grooved & dowel pins
PHI - Press-in precision hardened inserts and studs
PTDGPT® Screw - Thread forming screw for light alloys

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