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HighTurbulence® Pickling Systems

Product categories: Treatment equipment and furnaces 

HighTurbulence® Pickling Systems

The QED patented multiple stage HighTurbulence® Pickling System is a state-of-the-art high speed wire cleaning package. Constructed of composite materials and using advanced fluid flow technology, our design guarantees reliability and efficient pickling within a minimum length. This environmentally friendly system is a totally enclosed design that prevents fume escape and minimizes acid consumption.

Patented Design
High Speed Cleaning
Highly Turbulent Multiple Stage Cleaning
Totally Enclosed Fumeless System
Low Maintenance Design
Rugged Composite Construction
Latest PLC Controls
Low Acid Consumption

The HighTurbulence® acid section represents the latest development in acid cleaning technology. Our carefully designed flow patterns effectively break down the boundary layer pocket of spent acid adjacent to the wires, thus continuously supplying fresh acid to the wire surface. Pickling speed is further increased by the effective scrubbing action of the turbulent acid flow.

In keeping with today’s energy conservation concerns we have designed the acid section into a series of modular stages, with each section having a separate optimally sized corrosion resistant pump, turbulence tray and re-circulating loop. The multiple stage design allows for lower acid consumption, by the efficient “stepping” of acid concentration levels. This allows QED’s high turbulence pickling system to effectively use acid as weak as 2% HCl. The modular system also ensures a lower spare parts inventory cost and eliminates the need of costly back-up pumps.