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Blind bolts

Product categories: Bolts 

Blind bolts

The blind bolts are a quick fastening system for applications requiring a strong mechanical resistance in parts subject to high vibrations.

The system consists of a bolt and a collar; the fastening consists in the moulding of the collar on the bolt locking grooves.

The blind bolts come in many different diameters and lengths, to be chosen considering the grip range. They are available in aluminum, zinc plated or stainless steel; with dome or countersunk head.

The collars also are available in different materials: stainless steel, aluminum and zinc plated steel.

The blind bolts are ideal for a broad range of applications: railway construction, automotive, ventilation, metal structural works, shipbuilding, and particularly in certain applications where disassembly is not necessary.

The main advantages of the blind bolting system are the reduction in installation times, steady mechanical features, fast installation and check.

For the blind bolts installation, it’s recommended the hydropneumatic tools for blind bolts, which ensure the perfect placement of the fastener, without possibility of making mistakes.