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Product and/or service specifications

Metal tape forming and welding line

Product categories: Other machines for cables and optical fibers 

Metal tape forming and welding line

For Off-line Production
For In-line Production in a Tandem Process

Product diameter: up to 200 mm
Line speed: up to 15 m/min.
Metal sheath materials: Al, Cu, stainless steel

Semi-automatic tape preparation equipment enables precise positioning of the shearing roll.
The highly flexible and precise hybrid forming quality is suitable for laser welding.
Highly flexible multiple torch welding system allows continuous welding by using high-end welding sources.
Automatic weld seam tracing keeps torches directly over the gap. With the accurate gap position detection system you achieve best welding quality.
Multiple step compacting/sizing with driven rollers enables compensation of pre-product tolerances. Up to 5 mm compacting on each step!
High speed corrugation for helical and annular design.


HV underground power cables for different applications
Submarine power cables (special application)
Power cables for renewable energy
Corrugated stainless steel tubes for HTS cables (high temperature superconducting technology)

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