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Silicone extrusion line

Product categories: Extrusion machines 

Silicone extrusion line

Insulation: up to 6/35/240 mm²; Jacketing: up to 30 mm
Line speed: up to 500/300/100 m/min.
Materials: standard and ceramifying silicone

The RN-Z Rosendahl Silicone Extrusion Line covers a wide range of materials, products and product designs from single layer insulation to jacketing and flat heating cables.
The extruders are designed to process silicone with low shear at good linearity for minimized start-up scrap.
The extruders and crossheads are suitable for processing standard silicones and ceramifying silicones.
Rosendahl’s process know-how and its theoretical background provide optimized line configurations regarding extruder size and curing length.
RIO Line Control provides optimized operator support for product start-up and curing. 


RX SIL crossheads for silicone applications are available as single or dual layer heads with optional stripe/skin application in water cooled design.
Cross sections in the adapters, the flow channels and distributor geometry are optimized for low shear. Low temperatures ensure optimal processability of different grades of silicone, whether plain or ceramifying types are used.
RX SIL crossheads are manually centered for perfect product quality and materials savings.
Each crosshead can be set up with a vacuum connection for air extraction on class 2, 5 or 6 conductors.
All crossheads feature hydraulic extraction of the distributor.

Silicone Strip ConVeyor

The RN-Z Silicone Extruders can be equipped with a strip conveyor for continuous silicone stripe feeding. This system does not require an additional operator.
The machine performs automatic strip insertion to the feed roller if feeding is interrupted.

ROSO Shock Oven

The ROSO Shock Oven guarantees fastest surface cross-linking thanks to newly designed infrared radiators. This system protects the insulated/jacketed product from scratches and marks from support rollers used later in the process.
The fully automatic operation of the shock oven and the curing tunnels at the line start-up support the operator and reduce start-up scrap.

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