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Coil to bar drawing line

Product categories: Dry drawing machines 

Coil to bar drawing line

The coil-to-bar Combined Drawing Lines are composed as follows:

1 - PAY OFF, studied to reduce the gap between the end of the drawing of a coil and the beginning of the next one. The pay off is equipped with a rotating platform by 360° moved by an hydraulic motor gear.

2 - Robot, where the manipulator is a kind of extension of the operator's hand. Equipped with a gripper.

3 - Flying shear, with an hydraulic imput and bushing-to-bushing cut, which allows to lower the specific pressure arisen by the cutting stress on the material and improves the quality of the point in order to obtain a surface cut orthogonally with the axis of the bar.

4 - Two-roll burnisher, designed to straighten round bars of ferrous and non- ferrous materials. Precious support both for inline processes with drawers and outline.

5 - Strapping, composed by a metal structure where the strapping machine is integrated. It enables the automatic execution of a series of ligatures starting from settings on the proper instrument. The weighing section, composed by a series of cells, allows the execution of the weighing of bundles of bars before the unloading.The storage for collecting bundles is composed by a series of motorized chains which allow the collection of bundles of strapped bars and transfer them in the position of unloading of the line.