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Micrometer Adjustment Option

Product categories: Wire guides & wire straighteners 

Micrometer Adjustment Option

Sjogren's Micrometer Adjustment can be an option on any of our modular straighteners. For smaller wires — up to .125" / 3mm in diameter — they feature precision vernier-style micrometer heads. For wire greater than .062" (1.5mm) in diameter, Digital Position Indicators mounted integrally with rotating shaft are utilized. Optionally, the micrometers can be preset to your tolerances.

Using simple, recordable adjustment settings simplifies set-up or changeover time while ensuring exact standards.

Maintain the flexibility of changing between wire diameters without any compromise in precision or accuracy of your different settings.

All Sjogren straighteners use our unique grooved rolls: machined to exact specifications and featuring our alignment marker, which ensures a precise wire centerline.