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Oil mist filtration plants for cold metal forging (fastening)

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Oil mist filtration plants for cold metal forging (fastening)

Cold forging is the most popular technique utilized for the general production of screws, bolts and fasteners, and its widespread use is justified by the numerous advantages it offers with respect to conventional processes.

Another interesting factor is its high yield: using modern machinery, in fact, it is quite common to obtain extremely high hourly production rates.

Even parts with complex geometries can be produced, with no need for costly recovery processes, and with surface finishes comparable to those obtained using grinding techniques if carried out properly.

Thanks to the high quality of the machinery utilized and the exceptional wear resistance of the materials used to build the equipment itself, batches of parts with consistent dimensions can also be obtained.

Cold forging, which requires lubrication using various types of "loaded" oils, involves a series of deformation operations via which a finished piece is obtained starting with simple metal wire.

For this particular sector SO.TEC proposes four types of filtration systems:

- Mini-Max
- Mini-Max Plus
- Mini-Max with vertical layout
- Super-compact system

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