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Oil mist filtration plants for hot brass forging

Product categories: Various plants 

Oil mist filtration plants for hot brass forging

Plastic metal deformation (and hot brass forging in particular) is an efficient and consolidated technological process that has replaced the traditional foundry processes due its lower cost of implementation.

In most cases hot forging greatly surpasses casting thanks to its improved qualitative yield, faster processing speed, more efficient scrap recovery, reduced production costs, and greater process reliability.

With hot brass forging, the pieces to be deformed using vertical presses are extremely hot (700° C or greater) upon entering the moulds, which are lubricated with oil and graphite precisely due to these high temperatures.

The mechanical properties of hot forged brass parts allow them to be used in various fields: plumbing, heating and sanitary ware, handles, taps, fittings and valves, oil and compressed air components, mechanical automations, and more.

For this particular sector SO.TEC proposes four types of filtration systems:

- Mini-Max
- Mini-Max Plus
- Mini-Max with vertical layout
- Super-compact system

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