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Machines for construction division

Product categories: Cold rolling machines 

Machines for construction division

They are cold rolling lines for the production of wire with improved adherence surface, for the construction industry (electro-welded mesh and lattice girders).

Tecno Impianti S.r.l. designs and manufactures several typologies of installations for the production of smooth or ribbed wires, with diameter from 3,0 to 12,0 mm, by using rolling / profiling cassettes.

The lines are mainly composed of:

-      Vertical uncoiler with two tilting coil-holding arms, for a continuous feeding of wire rod to the rolling line.

-      Mechanical descaling machine to clean the wire surface.

-      Lubricant dispenser.

-      Rolling / profiling cassettes.

-      Wire pulling group, which can be composed of several machinery models depending on the wire diameter and application to execute:

-      Vertical bullblock with two passes.

-      Horizontal bullblock with one pass.

-      Horizontal bullblock with two passes.

-      Straight-line machine with two passes.

-      Straight-line machine with three passes.

-      Straight-line machine with four passes.

-      Spooler for taking-up of wire, suitable for fixed or collapsible reels, available in several models:

-      Vertical spoolers with single reel.

-      Vertical spoolers with double reel.

-      Vertical spoolers with double reel and automatic cut of the wire.

-      Horizontal spoolers.

-      Eventual accessories: wire feeding group, device for rolls unclamping, strain relieving unit, reels tilting machine, strapping machine.

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