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Cortinovis tubular stranders

Product categories: Tubular stranders 

Cortinovis tubular stranders

The efficiency and reliability of the field proven construction found in all Cortinovis Machinery machines and the result of a over 700 installed machines, including specialized cradles, various braking systems and accessories, and the option of an automatic loading.

- Cradles are always designed with fail-safe designs.

- Cradle tilting control is added for additional security while running.

- Wire tensioning with mechanical self adjusting dynamometer and drum brakes or servomotors and load cells, which can be selected according to the product.

- Roller bearings to support the tube, allowing the Cortinovis machine to run at high speed;

- Bearing stands include automatic oil lubrication and temperature control.

- Dynamically balanced rotors, for long life of the bearings.

- Soundproof shieldings with pneumatic doors for open/close, inspection windows, inside lights and fans.

Complete range of double capstans for full range of pulls, driven by motor and reducer pre-formers, post-formers, grease and bitumen applicators. Compacting heads with dies, pairs of shaped rollers for steel strands, copper and aluminium conductors.