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Black annealed drawn wire

Product categories: Drawn wire for construction Annealed wire 

Black annealed drawn wire

- Black annealed drawn wire, rosette-shaped.
- Black annealed commercial drawn wire.

Use and handling: mechanical engineering, construction, recycling of waste paper, plastic and textile waste, any use for packing.

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Package type 1
Commercial in coils of about 50 kg, in bundles of about 1000 kg each.

Package type 2
Rosette on pallet of 700/1000 Kg, bore 400 mm, external diameter max. 900 mm.

Package type 3
Rosette of 1000 Kg, bore 400 mm, external diameter 800/900 mm.

Package type 4
Reel of 50 Kg each, internal bore 210 mm, external diameter 340 mm, height 160 mm, on pallet of 1000/2000 Kg