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Product and/or service specifications

Grinding and polishing machines

Product categories: Machines for straightening, chamfering and lapping Tube machinery 

Grinding and polishing machines

Functional units for the manual cleaning or grinding of precious metal objects built with technologically advanced solutions. Designed with two work places, they are equipped with two brushes mounted on a self-breaking motor (with electronic speed adjustment by inverter
optional) anchored to an anti-vibrating base. The aspiration, silent and powerful, conveys the waste through a timed polyester self-cleaning cartridge filter; the material withheld is collected inside a special tray and is easily recoverable. An additional filter to avoid any further dispersion of metal is installed at the output of the aspiration chamber.

The machines are equipped with neon lights and provided with a double-layer protective glass to ensure maximum operator safety. The anchoring system of the brushes is simple and effective and allows rapid replacement. The start is via a control panel easily accessible from the workplace.