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Hydraulic drawing bench kit

Product categories: Tube machinery 

Hydraulic drawing bench kit

KTF is a very compact draw bench to process semi-finished tubes or bars having a maximum total length of 1.5 meters ready for turning or rolling, capable to ensure high quality standards and accuracy of the final product. Technologically advanced thanks to the use of top-level components and innovative design solutions covered by patent, the KTF kit has the truck carries pliers perfectly aligned with the hole of the drawn in order to eliminate any formation of bending effects on the metal structure.

The speed of the traction is fix and the use of the bench is extremely simple by the use of a joystick placed on the control panel which allows the operator to manage all the steps of the process. The replacement of the jaws is very simple and is done through a system of fast anchorage. KTF is extremely compact and equipped with a tapering machine to reduce the diameter of the tubes to be processed using an hydraulic pliers system. The activation is via foot pedal switch.