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Automated Optical & Video Measuring Microscope

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Automated Optical & Video Measuring Microscope

By integrating an ergonomic measuring microscope with a fully automated video measuring system, Vision Engineering has created Hawk Duo CNC.
Hawk Duo CNC offers high accuracy, repeatable measurement of complex components of all materials and excels at measuring both routine and difficult-to-view components, such as black or transparent plastics – all in one system!
Hawk Duo CNC is designed for companies who demand the highest levels of manufacturing quality, with the power and flexibility to meet the most demanding measurement requirements.


- Fully automated 3-axis optical and video measurements.

- Patented microscope-resolution viewing head clearly defines edges, even for difficult-to-view samples.

- Integrated high resolution video measuring system, ideal for routine measurements.

- High precision measuring stage.

- Powerful and intuitive PC-based software.

- Range of system configurations and options.

Two measurement systems in one – extend your versatility.
Why optical and video measurement?
Hawk Duo CNC offers a powerful, flexible solution to meet the most demanding measurement applications. In addition to programmable, fully automated CNC control, Hawk Duo CNC combines both optical and video measurement technologies in a single system. So whatever component you are measuring, you have the power and flexibility to use the optimal method of measurement – in a single system!
Users even have the ability to switch between video and optical measurement within the same measuring routine.